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Study Skills Seminars


An exclusive service we offer at Feegrade Education & Consultancy are our acclaimed Study Skills Seminars. These professionally delivered seminars are facilitated by two highly experienced, outstanding teachers and incorporate the very latest research and best practise methodology. The seminars are interactive presentations where students are given specific strategies and skills as well as materials to take away with them and implement in preparation for the next seminar.

We are able to tailor a seminar package to suit your needs and either condense or expand the seminar duration.

This is an excellent opportunity to provide students with a proven advantage as they learn, grow and develop into highly effective and engaged learners. Allow Feegrade Educational Consultancy to unlock your students learning potential to achieve the best they possibly can from their education.

Our Study Skills Seminar covers 10 key areas:

1. Home Study Environment

2. Organisation and Filing

3. Managing Workload

4. Time Management Skills

5. Dealing with Distractions

6. Overcoming Procrastination

7. Developing Motivation

8. Goal Setting

9. Lifestyle and Balance

10. Managing Stress

Our workshops are grouped by Year level and as a result have differing areas of focus. Our Year level groupings are:

  • Primary - Year 6 & 7
  • Middle School - Year 8 & 9
  • Senior School - Year 10, 11 & 12

Call us to discuss tailoring a package to suit your needs.

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