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School Holiday Workshops

These expertly crafted workshops have been designed around tailoring the teaching and learning to each individual student's needs. They will be extended, encouraged and challenged while being supported in a small group setting by our lead 'advanced skilled' Maths and English teacher. These workshops are currently targeted to students in Years 5 through 6 & Years 7 through 8

Duration:  10am to 3pm (2 x 30 min breaks)
Address:  263 North Terrace, Adelaide
Cost:        $350 for a single workshop or $640 for both workshops

Lunch is included and catered for each day.


Our Advanced Skilled Teachers

All staff involved with Feegrade Education & Consultancy and these workshops have current National Criminal History Record and Working with Children checks. 


School Holiday Literacy Workshops

When: TBA

Student Learning Outcomes - In accordance with the Australian Curriculum:
  • Reading analysis and comprehension strategies
  • Understanding text type and purpose
  • Focus on language conventions - NAPLAN review
  • Build language skills to further engage an audience
  • Structured and purposeful writing
  • Grammar, spelling and editing focus

Student will also:

  • Comprehend the complexities of texts
  • Increase their reading ability and interest at a challenging level
  • Experiment with written ideas


School Holiday Numeracy Workshops

When: September 30th - October 1st, 2015

Student Learning Outcomes - In accordance with the Australian Curriculum 2015:
  • Solve problems involving all four mathematical operations
  • Apply and understand decimals, percentage and ratio
  • Understand and compare fractions
  • Connect and apply the laws and properties for numbers to algebra
  • Solve linear equations and evaluate algebraic expressions
  • Interpret real life problems using algebraic reasoning
  • Special focus on real world and problem solving questions

Student will also:

  • Improve mathematical and strategic thinking 
  • Increase their understanding of mathematical language
  • Increasing academic confidence and readiness for higher level studies in Mathematics


For Parents

Upon application you will be sent out an information form to complete regarding your child and their academic strengths and weaknesses. Here you will have the opportunity to discuss any concerns regarding the learning assistance your child requires. You will be required to return the information form a week prior to the workshop along with your child's NAPLAN results.

Upon completion of the workshop all students will receive an 'Achievement Award of Successful Participation'. If desired you will have the opportunity to set up an appointment with our Advanced Skilled teacher to discuss the outcomes of the workshop(s) and how your child progressed.


To submit an application of interest for your child please visit the contact page, call 8232 9798 or email info@feegrade.com.au


Places are limited, please book without delay to avoid disappointment


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