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School Choice Consultancy

Confused about choosing a school?

Choosing the right school for your children is likely to be the most important decision and investment you can make in your family's future. We work with you and for you to determine your family's educational priorities and your child's strengths and weaknesses to provide a completely independent and unbiased report presenting the best school options for your child. This is an exclusive offering in South Australia. We consider many factors such as:

  • The students academic and emotional needs 
  • Student wellbeing provisions and programs
  • Special provision requirements
  • Your child's drive and motivation
  • Your school fee budget and an analysis of socio-economic data
  • Your family's educational priorities 
  • Decoding and understanding schools strategic future planning as well as school context statements 

NAPLAN results, as well as other measurable academic achievement data, give us an insight into how particular schools manage their academic focus and cater for students learning needs. We help decode all of this for you. We are also able to assist with negotiating school fee structures, entrance waiting lists and school admissions on your behalf. We consider all options available to you, including both public and private schools. Our consultants partner with you to understand all of these factors to ultimately help you find the best-fit school for your family's needs.

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