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Educational Management Projects

Project Management and Strategic Consultancy Services.

Let your project become ours...


At Feegrade Education & Consultancy we understand the pressures managers are under in schools, institutions and centres. We extend to you the services of our Project Management Team (PMT).

We have highly capable, trained and experienced project managers and project teams to help manage your requirements through all stages of the project life cycle.

The types of projects and consultancy services in which we engage depends on the client's objectives. Typical examples for groups, centres, schools and services include:

  • Targeted Staffing
  • Structured P.D. Program management / organisation
  • Change Management
  • Capital Improvements / Facility Upgrades
  • Structured Departmental Reviews / Reports

Our service can be door to door. Our team will meet with you at your facility, alternatively you can meet with us in our meeting rooms to tailor and shape meaningful change for the future...

Origination -

We offer support and structure in developing and evaluating the proposals and develop measures for success.

Initiation -

We define the 'CSSQ' with you while performing a 'Risk Identification Strategy' then develop the initial project plan and project expectations.

Planning -

Here, we host 'Kick-Off' meetings and develop the crucial 'Risk Assessment Strategy'. During this phase, we also continue refining the project plan.

Execution and Control -

This is ACTION TIME!!! We manage the CSSQ, project execution whilst continuing to monitor and control risks. Again, we refer to the measurements of success we originally put in place and evaluate accordingly on a timely basis.

Project Close Out -

Here, we look back at our combined achievements by conducting a 'Post Implementation Review', as well as perform an 'Administrative Close-Out'.

The Final phase is our follow up where we gain assurance of your satisfaction. Our job does not end until the project expectations have been fulfilled.

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