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Tailored Tutoring

Feegrade Education & Consultancy tutor's are some of Adelaide's most well-respected and experienced teachers. We guarantee outstanding results and significant improvement.

At Feegrade Education & Consultancy we build a tailored tuition program to support the learning needs of your child. We only use qualified, experienced and registered teachers who are well educated in the current Australian Curriculum. We have some of Adelaide's finest teachers working as tutors to provide our clients with the highest standards of academic support. Each of our teachers specialise in different subject and learning areas. This means that you can trust Feegrade to find a tutor that fits you and your family's needs. If desired, Feegrade offers testing and regular updates for parents reporting on your child's progress.

Feegrade Education & Consultancy is one of the only tutoring agencies in South Australia that is nationally accredited and registered with the Australian Tutoring Association. 

We offer specialised tuition in:

  • All subject areas from reception through to tertiary, including but not limited to:
    • Science studies, including - Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Physiology and Ecology
    • All levels of Math
    • English areas, including - reading, writing and grammar 
    • Business studies, including - Management, Accounting and Finance 
  • All SACE subject areas
  • All IB subject areas (Primary Years, Middle Years and Diploma Programmes)
  • Study and organisational skills
  • Essay writing skills
  • Test and exam preparation
  • ESL support, including written and spoken communication
  • GAMSAT Preparation (all sections)
  • UMAT Preparation 
  • IELTS Preparation (academic and general)
  • TOEFL Preparation
  • Accelerated tuition for gifted and talented students
  • Additional support and individualised programmes for students with learning difficulties or disabilities, including those on the autism spectrum.

Feegrade offers private or small group tuition in our offices, in your home or other location of your choice (within 15 km of the city) seven days a week. At Feegrade Education & Consultancy we also offer a "meet & greet" service for parents using our on-site tuition. This means that you are able to safely drop off and pick up your child without having to find a parking spot.

We invite you to visit our offices at 263 North Terrace to meet with us, see the premise and discuss how we can help reach your family's educational goals. Contact us today to begin your journey toward meeting your or your child's educational goals.


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