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 Article published in Avery Magazine online, 14 March 2016


Developing ‘Study Skills’ is an Essential Part of Being Successful at School

by Rohan Feegrade on 10 July 2014

Being successful at school is not a matter of chance or even academic ability. To be a successful student and lessen the stress associated with study, organisation and planning is key. When this is in place, and only when this is in place, can students learn how to study to the best of their ability.

Becoming organised is the first and often the most difficult part of learning for students of all ages. Organisation encompasses priorities such as preparing a study timetable, creating a distraction free zone and having a clear and neat workspace just to name a few. Utilising planning tools such as a wall planner and term planner separating study events from social events is also essential. Having the necessary materials at hand is a key part of this process.

As concluded in a key research study from the University of South Carolina, School of Psychology: "Study skills are fundamental to academic competence. Good study skills minimize failure and enable students to take advantage of learning opportunities. To be effective learners, students must have a wide array of study strategies at their disposal, and know where, when, and how to use these strategies. Research has documented that effective study skills can be taught. The importance of study skills in terms of academic competence underscores the need for a strong emphasis on the development and maintenance of effective study skills across the curriculum and for all grade levels"

As you can see, there is overwhelming evidence to support the fact that study skills are essential in enabling students to achieve their personal best at school and university. The question then raised is: 'Are schools doing enough to support these findings?' The answer is - some are, and some are not. Feegrade Educational Consultancy has begun a process of delivering in school seminars to some forward thinking schools here in Adelaide and South Australia. Schools who support the delivery of such programs are showing a great interest and commitment to the future success of their students. Feegrade Educational Consultancy is also offering small group study skills seminars, external to those provided in schools.

Rohan Feegrade


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