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 Article published in Avery Magazine online, 14 March 2016


Teachers must be valued in schools to achieve positive student outcomes

by Rohan Feegrade on 02 June 2014

The single biggest factor affecting student's achievement, development and learning is the quality of, and impact made, by their teacher. Many schools know this and understand this, while much neglect to share this. Instead, they choose to hide behind smoke screens and mirrors, continuing on their merry way to use schools as a moneymaking entity.

When choosing a school, it is essential to have a solid understanding of how schools manage their teacher support and planning. A school that values and makes genuine allowances for their teachers to learn new curriculum and improve teaching paedogies is a school you want your children at. Making time for teaching staff to collaborate and plan together is essential for achieving student driven outcomes and effective teaching and learning.

A recent survey of approximately 400 teachers who are members of the Australian Education Union, South Australian branch (AEU) showed that they feel stressed and over worked with their schools not making the appropriate provisions for them to implement a growing and changing curriculum. The survey highlighted composite classrooms (mixed year levels) and assessment and reporting as the biggest pressures on teaching staff.

While it is easy to say 'suck it up, we all have work pressures!' this is not the best way to address what is a growing and genuine problem. Our teachers mentor, shape and facilitate the learning and growth of our most valued possessions, our children. These students are to be our future global leaders, economists, doctors, lawyers, politicians, nurses, teachers and the list goes on.

Some schools and communities need to take a quick reality check and ask themselves if they genuinely value their teachers!


Rohan Feegrade


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