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 Article published in Avery Magazine online, 14 March 2016


The national focus on STEM and why it is necessary

by Rohan Feegrade on 04 July 2017

The Australian Government has recently allocated an extra $12 million to apply a greater focus on, and increase student numbers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects in both primary and secondary schools throughout the country.

Restoring the focus on STEM subjects helps to ready our learners for a fast paced and ever changing global society and workplace. This focus will also ensure they are equipped with the necessary skills and are workplace ready.

The Governments 'Restoring the focus on STEM in schools' initiative will provide funding for four key elements:

  • Providing innovative mathematics curriculum resources for primary and secondary school students, focusing on inquiry-led teaching.
  • Supporting the introduction of computer coding across different year levels in Australian schools leading to greater exposure to computational thinking, and, ultimately, expanding the pool of ICT-skilled workers.  
  • An innovative approach to education based on the United States 'Pathways in Technology Early College High School' (P-TECH) model. 
  • Summer schools for STEM students, to increase the number of girls and disadvantaged students attending — including Indigenous students and those from regional and remote areas.

At the core of the issue, the reason we must focus on STEM in schools is that our workplaces and job markets are saying that not only are we sending underprepared graduates into universities and the workplace, but there is predicted greater demand at a very steep incline looking into the future. The reality is also that for Australia's future position in the global economy, we need graduates moving into STEM fields to contribute towards Australia staying competitive in the global market.


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