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 Article published in Avery Magazine online, 14 March 2016


5 Key Considerations When Choosing the Right School

by Rohan Feegrade on 04 April 2017


As parents we are raising human beings, which is a profoundly difficult job. A vital part of raising children is finding the right school and learning environment to best shape their future.


Below are the 5 Key considerations when selecting the right school for your family.


1.      Look for schools whose values match with those of your own. When you find a school with a similar value set to those your own, ask the school how they instill these values in their students. A good school will always be able to articulate this.


2.      A school with progressive, responsive and service based leadership is essential. Not only is leadership a quality that children must develop and understand, it is a culture that drives the direction of a school community.


3.      Make sure you are considering schools that provide opportunities and offerings you and your children value or are looking for.


4.      Look for schools that clearly reflect a connectedness to their community. Understanding empathy and giving back to society will help children build their level of emotional intelligence.


5.      Only consider schools that work for you on a logistic level. Focus on schools that are within your 'fee budget' and schools you are able to get to easily. Excessive travel time can place great strain on a family.


For further information about any of these considerations or for any other advice, please feel free to call us on 8232 9798 or email at info@feegrade.com.au


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